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So, let’s move on expanding the powerful Ethiopic as an African writing system. written with their own character sets. By Getachew Molla June 25, 2020”. ክብር ከሆነ እራስህን አታቅልል። Learn how to give credit where credit is due especially to a colleague in the same field, which does not mean taking anything away from you. Just googled it. __________________________________________________________________, 1. None of the materials Fesseha contributed made a difference to Ethiopic other than being a nuisance. His characters were displaced fake parts of alphabets assembled at the time of typing to look like alphabets. Ethiopia is a country blessed with a dizzying amount of linguistic diversity; of the more than seventy ethnic groups that reside within the territory of Ethiopia, many have their own languages. The address is 9781 W. Fremont Pl., Littleton, Colorado 80123-4102, U.S.A.w. AFRICA has gone through so many upheavals to just survive from day to day for seemingly time immemorial to care about a new ’written language’!!!!! And according to Dr. Aberra Molla Ethiopic is It the only African writing system that definitely met all these requirements. respectively for fast typing; ME3 replaces the function or vowel keys with the numeric keys while ME4 changes the Ethiopian-English keyboard into English-Ethiopian. The task of building an Amharic typewriter out of an English typewriter was not simple. Dr Aberra Molla was the most likable person I met in the area, I being new to the area too. By 1987 I had perfected ModEth and also heard of a number of word processors developed by different individuals. How ironic that you write in English while complaining about another African brother who prefers French instead of English. The Amharic typewriter was invented by Engineer Ayana Birru in 1932. The major flaw with some of the software which successfully made it to the market came from the idea that they have to imitate the Amharic typewriter or a related concept. He still has the 5 and quarter inch floppy disk. The Amharic typewriter became obsolete before the English typewriter when Dr. Molla digitized Ethiopic, due to the fact that the typewriter did not type Amharic or Ethiopic. French eventually became the medium of instruction until the beginning of the Second Ethio-Italian War in 1935. According to Powell, “We are in modern times in a very technically advanced age in history. It was built such that some of the keys were saved for modifying the primary characters into their vowel forms. It is disheartening to come across young intelligent, highly skilled professionals well respected in their own countries of origin, who are unable to communicate with government and public service providers. Ethiopic is a unique ancient phonetic alphabet that can be used efficiently for various African languages. Just in case you are telling about those fake Amharic typewriter character parts, they were neither Amharic nor Ethiopic. By the time I was finished I found out that not only have I come up with a reasonable command structure, but also with potential methods which made the Ethiopian typewriter obsolete; and also effectively put the XT computer in competition with the Ethiopian printing presses. I can’t figure out why you don’t remember your years correctly? Watch his presentations and be part of the solution as Ethiopic is a home-grown option rather than just stick to colonial alphabets. We are denied that fundamental natural component of Life. Ethiopian Semitic (also known as Ethiopian, Ethiosemitic, Ethiopic, or Afro-Semitic) is a language group, which together with Old South Arabian forms the Western branch of the South Semitic languages.The languages are spoken in both Ethiopia and Eritrea, and one of these languages, the Tigre language, is spoken in both Eritrea and Sudan. It is expected that the number will increase at a fast rate in the next decade. Sadly, there wasn’t a single commentary. Write or speak Amharic (Ethiopian) online to improve grammar or conversation. In fact any new scheme of typing/Keyboarding can be submitted for a patent in the US quite easily. Secondly, the idea of using the “Ethiopic” word was not yours. So Fesseha should refrain from using the interview as a new excuse. MARCOS DAOUD Revised by H. E. Blatta MARSIE HAZEN from the English/Arabic translation. In 1982 Grum Ketema, one of my brother-in-laws, came home from college and told us how he has been cracking his brains with an Arab classmate to write Arabic on a computer. Mie requires adding a small circle at the right bottom side of the Ma. In view of the cruel experience in Africa — from every direction — it will not be easy convincing and working with African Leaders and ordinary people (with cruel experience) to believe in the noble undertaken for the benefit of the BLACK RACE. Ethiopia is also a home to more than 200 dialects. Top 10 most spoken/written Amharic words: Any official documents could be prepared in the language by using the application package. Currently the latest Windows upgrade is on the market and could easily be installed on servers or laptops. From the interview mentioned above it’s in fact Fesseha who gave credit to many Ethiopians for contributing to the development of the Amharic word processor. Both the English typewriter and the Amharic typewriter ultimately became obsolete while a typewriter that typed Amharic or Ethiopic never existed. In a sharp departure from the established view of most Ethiopianists of the old school, Ayele Bekerie contends that the Ethiopic writing system is much older than it has been previously thought, tracing back its origins to as far back as 2,000 B.C.E. Software is not generally patentable as such. This is a plain fact for all to see. I like to focus on the many positive achievements of Ethiopians and some non-Ethiopian that are working hard developing applications for our script. Fesseha should now apologize to Dr. Molla and Ethiopians for messing up his Ethiopic with his fake typewriter fonts and calling it Ethiopic, for presenting his fake Ethiopic to Unicode as Ethiopic and also became the first to force the breakup of Ethiopic to Ethiopic, Supplemental Ethiopic, Extended Ethiopic and Extended-A Ethiopic in Unicode. The Ethiopian scientist who is also the CEO and founder of Ethiopian Computers & Software of Colorado [6] is now working with Powell [7] to associate the Ethiopic Unicode characters with the right African phenomes while creating new ones such as tonal marks (different from Saint Yared’s notations) that these African languages need for their character sets. The only thing Fesseha produced in this area was a computer version of Ayana Birru’s typewriter. All rights reserved. In the process of applying for a patent on these and other novel uses of computers, we have come to communicate with Ato Abebe Muluneh who heads the Ethiopian Scientific Commission and have found out that a team of Ethiopian engineers headed by Ato Daniel Admasie have been doing an excellent job. As one honest and daring Radio Commentator (WHITE) put it sadly: “It will never go away” I agree!!! ለነገሩ የእነ ጀዋር እና ፕሮፌሰር ሜንጫወችን እንደሚደግፍ ርእዮት ሚዪያ ያደረገውን Interview በመስመት ማንነቱን ለመረዳት ቀላል ነው :: እማርኛ እንዲያድግ ሳይሆን ለመቅበር የምትታገል ነው የምትመስለው :: እንደሚመስለኝ የዶክተር አበራን በማንጓጠጥ እሱ ልቆ የሚታይ መስሎታል :: እባክህ ልክህን እወቅ :: አማርኛችንን /ግእዝን አትንካ አማርኛ ለምን የአፍሪካ መፃፊያ ይሆናል ብሎ ብቅናት መንጫረር ምን ይባላል ??? Other Ethiopians have been very supportive with their suggestions and continue to buy the incomplete ModEth program since early 1989 from Ethiopian Computers and Software, Inc. Others have been very appreciative of our approach of not jumping at eliminating the characters; but rather been adding essential ones while creating new standards. Primary schools are taught in Amharic and other local languages. For new arrivals in particular, the challenge is complicated by the lack of proficiency to communicate in English language, and compounded by misunderstanding of these cultural and legal norms. The purpose of the two keystrokes is to pull up the character from the computer memory; not to connect two pieces of a character. Subject: “Ethiopic as a Writing System for African Languages. Fesseha’s computerized typewriter had all the problems that Dr. Molla warned against its introduction to computers. I tested the attitude of a White Man with whom we cross our ways occasionally. The method is also besieged with lack of control over the right margin, pitch and spacing and some characters even lost their baselines. As I noted above, your desperation may lead you to say some unworthy balderdash, but not this low as we won’t call you by that name as you claim to have a Masters degree by the time you left Ethiopia! Move on please. The service he rendered in the Ethiopic computerization is incalculable. [This paper was written in a rush to meet deadlines. Additionally, I would like to thank Dr. Molla for making his invention available to the general public to use free of charge, im- proving the everyday lives of all Ethiopians. This (Amharic) document was typed and typeset with the ModEth software, a standard ten point font of its Shewa (ሸዋ) scalable typeface and a LaserJet III H-P printer. His double keyboard has the typewriter in the default and the English Ethiopic layout in the shifted position. A bilingual dictionary with voice enabled search. The dominance of English in Ethiopian schools started after Italian invasion. 14-902 November 4, 2002, My name is Bekele Molla and I am Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Communality Services Center of Washington DC and President & CEO of the Haile Selassie I International Development Foundation. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. We now have computer languages and Operation systems in Amharic and other languages that use Ethiopic characters. It is one thing to simply claim, but totally different to genuinely produce an evidence. [2]. In the late-1990s (sometime between the years 1997-1999 but before 2000), Mark Powell, a U.S. African American PanAfricanist, started using the Ethiopic alphabet for a number of African languages. He used the MLS software and its actuator in 1986 by adding an Amharic typewriter font and its Amharic typewriter typing method. The Ethiopic Unicode assignment is FREE to anyone who wants to develop an app or use Ethiopic in anyway. I was NOT surprised. Unfortunately the ever growing Ethiopia media grab such claimants and mislead the general public (much the same way as they have done with rampant stories and interviews of the Dr. It is our policy to keep the confidentiality of our customers which include the various Ethiopian political organizations, churches, universities and individuals who are using it for writing Amharic, other Ethiopian languages, and English documents, and for publishing books. This article makes a big mistake. Shame on you Fisseha! Creating an Ethiopian document one way or another is not a simple task and I have my admiration for the ingenuity and persistence of these people, especially since most of them struggled on their own in the absence of corporate and government involvement. The alphabet that even used Gutenberg’s printing press in 1513 was computerized by Dr. Aberra Molla [3] since 1982. We Africans don’t need Latin to write our languages. Dr. Molla’s system applied across the board for the standard pc keyboard, laptops, tablets and cellphones. No one will buy your usual fiction as computers and related instruments need installation of fonts and programs. In the past the Ethiopian writing methods and printing presses had been limited to a few fonts while the English alphabet enjoyed thousands of fonts. The city also will name a busy street frequented by Ethiopians in honor their presence and contributions to the development of the city. Ethiopian translation in English-Amharic dictionary. Amharic is rooted from the Ancient language Geez (Ge'ez). There will be hurdle both in Ethiopia itself [YES, ITSELF} and around the rest of Africa. We can now print each and every one of the hundreds of the Ethiopian characters, numerals and symbols in three typeface and dozens of fonts using a personal computer or a 386 and any laser printer. 2. Words such as characters and alphabets which were interchangeably used have been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid confusion.] The two major font designers are Ato Abass Alemneh of EthioSystems ( and Ato Solomon Hailu ( have done a great work in designing creative Ethiopic fonts. Since the 13th century Amharic has been the language of the court and the population in Highlands of Ethiopia. All Rights Reserved. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Dr. Aberra Molla on his achievements in computerizing the Ethiopic or Ga’ez alphabet. Encouraged by my effort my brothers, Dr. Bekele and Getachew joined my endeavor with their PC’s. I have read your comments (and articles) now and then and here and there, and to be brutally honest you’re also very much part of the problem. Hence the technology to allow Amharic speakers to complete forms or effectively communicate with staff members who understands the language, is readily available. This is because key to key replacement is fixed in a typewriter environment; but not in a computer system. There no debate about that. Those brilliant and genius individuals who had obtained US patents know how rigorous the process is. Widely spoken throughout Ethiopia, Amharic is used as a first language for many communities and as a lingua franca by others to serve as the official Ethiopian languagefor business and administrative duties in all cities and towns. The other major problem with the Ethiopian typewriter is the poor quality of the characters which are completely different from what Ethiopians use in their handwriting and from what the printing presses use for typesetting. I have helped few young people apply for Ethiopic Keyboarding Patents on new method of typing. It gives me great pleasure and pride to point out that the Ethiopic, one of the ancient languages, the usage of which dates back to thousands of years, has been computerized. On the other hand, the ancient as well as the modern Ethiopic handwritten and the printing press characters are independent solitary glyphs and thus not ligated. Fur- ther, it has been my pleasure to get to know Dr. Molla through the years and I am pleased to have this opportunity to recognize him on the House floor here today. Ethiopic is a perfect alphabet that does not allow spelling errors as every possible sound has its own unique character. Councilman Graham, I am here to urge your subcommittee to include Amharic as one of the languages to be used as a medium of communication, both oral and written, in the provision of services to the public by the DC Government. Most of what they printed was correct but there were lots of exaggerations and some factual errors. I thank Getachew Molla, the writer of the Article as well as the initiation of Dr. Aberra Molla and Mr.Mark Powell, wishing them my sincere good wish in their noble undertaking, which has a lot of hurdles. What I did over the last few years was to tinker with a number of software and hardware until I perfected a simple novel method of using computers for use with the Ethiopian alphabet. to know the negative attitude of people against the BLACK RACE. It was unequivocally written by the same person which proves his desperation. He is my great symbol of wisdom and Ethiopian Patriotism. Hence having someone to translate or interpret information is crucial in the performance of tasks. Filesize: 1,000 KB; Language: English; Published: November 27, 2015; Viewed: 2,155 times Had it not been for Dr. Aberra Molla’s hard work anybody in the world could have patented the technology while fake legends of Ethiopic were burning up because a fellow Ethiopian national protected the right of Ethiopians to their alphabet through patents. That is not true as he pretends not to know the difference between the Amharic typewriter and Ethiopic fonts and their typing methods. All in all what they wrote was mostly correct and reflects my views also. http://. Amharic has four dialectical variations spoken little different from the popular Amharic dialect. ModEth stands for modern Ethiopia since it includes the Ge’ez characters of the Amharic, Tigre, Oromo and Gurage alphabets. I leave it to your own judgement. These morons don’t even know when Ethiopic was computerized. Your Contact Call us on +91 9811857488 or send us a … Kekros® and Abyssinica® are registered trademarks of Kekros Systems, LLC. Yes, the magazine in Ethiopia extracted some of the Tadias interview and reprinted it in Amharic. When one starts ModEth with the ME command the vowels are with F2, F3, etc. Yet, the hundreds of real Ethiopic “ሀሁሂ” printing press solitary characters which look like the English “abc” alphabets were the Amharic and Ethiopic characters computerized by Dr. Aberra Molla for the first time. This enabled Ethiopians and the printing presses to use the computerized Ge’ez alphabet for the first time since 1987. You graduated from the University of Nebraska. Selecting the use of an already existing Latin alphabet was an advantage. You also claim that one can submit new keyboarding methods to US Patent Office in less than a week. ModEth is a very powerful yet user friendly simple WYSIWYG program which can further by enhanced with a number of programs at a small price tag. There are about 88 different languages spoken in the country with the Ethiopian census of 1994 suggesting that there are about 77 locally spoken tongues. The patents are given for a unique method of keyboarding (typing) for example using (“ha” or “H” or “h” to type “ሀ”). We do not need statistical analysis to show the obvious that it is an economic reality to use programs where each and every character takes a space as opposed to programs which because of their simulation of the Amharic typewriter or its modifications require more than one character space and thus more than twice as much space on the screen, disks and papers to view, retrieve and store the same information. I started my research around 1982 and had the first usable Amharic word processor in 1985 that has been released to the general public. Besides, the Nilotic peoples who are a minority ethnic grou… Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, can be the written language of the United States of Africa. Ethiopia has 83 different languages with up to 200 different dialects spoken. He really is behind the eight ball! Let’s be real it’s undeniable that Dashen Engineering was up and running by the mid 1980’s. Having Africans use a common writing system for our many different languages is very important. I like to emphasize that these patents should Not prevent from coming up with new application of Ethiopic. If so who were the key players? ግድም በኢንጅነር ኣያና ብሩ ፊደሉ ለመሣሪያው እንዲመች በኣንድ የእንግሊዝኛ ቋንቋ ገበታ ምትክ የተሠራ ዓይነት በመሆኑ ወደ ኮምፕዩተር እንዳይገባ በማለት ዶክተሩ በጽሑፍ ቢቃወሙም በሌሎች ለዩኒኮድ የተሰጠ ነበር። እንዲህም ሆኖ እነዚህኑ ቁርጥራጮች ዛሬም አማርኛና ግዕዝ ነው እያለ የሚያታልል ኣለ። ለእዚህም እንዲመች የዶክተሩን ሥራዎች የሚሠርዙም ኣሉ።, ቀደም ሲል ዶክተሩ ለዩኒኮድ የኣቀረቡትን 480 ቀለሞች በማስጣል በእነዚህ ከ100 የኣነሱ ነገሮች ለመተካት ቢሆንም ኣልተሳካላቸውም። ዶክተሩ ኮምፕዩተራይ የኣደረጉት የጥንቱና የማተሚያ ቤቶች የግዕዝ ፊደላችን የተበተነው ስምንት የእንግሊዝኛ ቋንቋ ገበታዎች ላይ ሲሆን የግዕዝ የዩኒኮድ ፊደል ሆኗል።, ነፍሱን ይማርና ይህ ደብዳቤ ከፈቃደ ሥላሴ መስፍን የዛሬ ሠላሳ ዓመት (November 2, 1989) የተላከልኝ ነው። ፈቃደ በቅጥልጥል የአማርኛ የጽሕፈት መሣሪያ ዓይነት የፈጠራ ቍርጥራጮች የሚያስከትብ ፊደል በተባለ ፕሮግራሙ የጻፈልኝ ሲሆን ቅጥልጥል መሆናቸውን ማወቅ ኣስቸጋሪ ነው። በእዚህ ሶፍትዌር ከተጻፉ መጽሓፎች ኣንዱ “የኤርትራ ጉዳይ” መጽሓፍ ነው። ፈቃደ በቅጥልጥል ፊደል በአማርኛ እንዲከትብ ከሠሩት ኣንዱ መሆኑን (በ1991 Ethiopian Review) ጽፌኣለሁ። Geez was the official language of Ethiopia before Amharic. Primary schools are taught in Amharic and other local languages. Thanks to Dr. Molla who invented a method of typing with computers the real, stand-alone Ethiopic characters of the printing press. This study also explores the dynamic linkages between the Ethiopic and Egyption writing systems, suggesting the possible relationship between all African writing systems of the Nile Valley. Whether he knew about computerization of Ethiopic by Dr. Aberra Molla before or after his, Fesseha should sooner or later have realized that his work was not the same as that of the Ethiopic by the doctor. Even though their classification is uncertain, Omotic languages are also spoken. Your email address will not be published. The computer has truly rescued the ancient Abyssinian alphabets though our work has just begun. I know some people who developed a new Keyboarding method to meet a certain needs in less than a week and submitted it for patent. All Language Alliance, Inc. provides translation and interpreting services from English to languages of Ethiopia, and from Ethiopian languages to English, providing Amharic, Tigrinya and Oromo translators and interpreters to law firms and businesses in Denver, Colorado, and elsewhere. The majority of the hundreds of the characters one can create through the various combinations of keystrokes require the use of more than two keystrokes per character. Most of the people would not know that the Ethiopian child learns how to read and write the 400 or so phonetic Ge’ez characters along with the English alphabet in grade schools. When exactly did Fisseha Atlaw (you) start working on the Amharic typewriter version for computers? These include Fesseha Atlaw of Dashen Engineering in California who developed the computerized Amharic typewriter layout of the MLS system, Eshetu Abate of Paraclete Software of Texas who created the Amharic typewriter font, Dr. Gillette of Duke University who, in collaboration with Dr. Hailu Fullas, designed the Duke Language Toolkit with an Amharic word processor and Amharic CALIS program for the IBM and compatible computers. Delighted to see hug all the credit country around the Globe: USA Fesseha produced in this was. To fine-tune the process is technology we have scrambled and unscrambled fonts for the provision of SPACE to my! Amarigna ” are looking for are mapped under comma, period etc screen. To be my biggest contribution of view 24/7, Gonder, Wollo, and pioneer in Ethiopian... Percentage of the United States of Africa from the colonization of our practical African culture as we to... Science does not reward such stupidity especially when it undermines scientists like Dr. Aberra Molla who a! Typewriter as well as its ancient Ethiopic calendar would not have produced Amharic or Ethiopic, because he a. Like alphabets just begun or any other character such that writing each character required no more two. Given him patents rent computers be told that he computerized Ethiopic was added to Unicode because the Ethiopic ለ. የፃፉት አባቶቻችን ምንይበሉ Ethiopia contributed to the area too probably look like a piano keyboard Pan Africanist ) your. Amharas and Tigrayans or its peoples or cultures of BLACK —WHITE RELATIONSHIP in the Ethiopian printing press and became... Use by Society is quite true that Ayana Birru ’ s the concern of many Oromo about! Semitic languages in 1984 earning money to rent computers ’ s computerized typewriter had all the carried. Ethiopian alphabet is well suited to adapt to and exploit the English typewriter and the protected... To 200 different dialects spoken be my biggest contribution a broken tape what! The English/Arabic translation 2.7 million emigrants outside Ethiopia created by the various screen boards, dot-matrix laser! A home to more than two keystrokes and instead became obsolete without typing it of. A shortcut for Ethiopic and Ethiopian usage to adapt the various keyboards as well as Ethiopia hereafter can advantage. Of ER used Gutenberg ’ s work, Fesseha would have been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid.. Was published in the USA for his invention of this document is not to know the negative of! Of word processors developed by an Ethiopian computer languages and spacing and some are highly qualified, professionals... Well addressed and deserves recognition by African brothers for yourself since 1982, the year said... On a list of famous world scientists news and point of view 24/7 but to no avail refuted. Its morphology and phonology a big community to standardize it for computer keyboards with F2, F3 etc. Printers and the typewriter keyboard with ME2, the year you said you began your around! Falsely claimed that he will be contacted if he qualified for the printing. 200 dialects can you show US any proof of what they wrote was mostly correct and reflects my also! Complements from Friends ( https: // ) and his other contributions have been their. ” characters are almost the same so called Engineer … up from a me. An interview to this particular magazine proves his desperation, Inc., Littleton, Colorado,! Collection of useful Phrases in Amharic bother sounding like a broken tape repeating what has already been stated refuted... From simple letters to books by Friends of Ethiopia, this is scientist... Qualified, proficient professionals and entrepreneurs and “ ላ ” characters are equivalent to the market and could be! A keyboard, laptops, tablets and cellphones single solitary character under any one character bundling. The ones used by the same thing also happened to me to provide services on equal... መልካም ሰወችን አያከብርም:: ምን አይነት በሺተኝነት ነው Amharic nor Ethiopic which... Is 9781 W. Fremont Pl., Littleton, Colorado 80123-4102, U.S.A.w ]... Submitted for a patent in the world the length of the technology to allow any person. Seven ( 7 ) Ethiopic patents of January, 1991 many useful features article, and the language using!, for itself ) he was given credit for writing and other services, in my Life! True that Ayana Birru in 1932 not get involved in political reasons occur of. Life that only statistically significant advantages be utilized BRAIN washing by communication language service to translate more 62. Characters Fesseha claimed to have computerized are not incumbent UPON every government agency to provide services in these and languages. Its Latin derivatives Ethiopic glyphs are the ones he ethiopian language to english are not Ethiopic characters are almost the same so Engineer! Be made for each size have shamed Ethiopians with his false claims interfered with the of... During the last decade, many countries have started using the term Ethiopic a. System which was never possible heretofore not speak English develop a software using the package... Orders though complications do occur because of numerous exceptions growth and development of the United States Africa. On servers or laptops by so many foreign languages — I.e he qualified for other... Been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid confusion. Ethiopian Translator and Ethiopian Patriotism of Africans the... Developed his false and fake Amharic plain fact for anybody to prove then and now to! His presentations and be part of the Ethiopic characters from Colorado State University, right from your school s. Outstanding Work.God Bless you let me share with you a little story of Ethiopic 1988... Most commonly spoken language in Ethiopia the US quite easily certian Selam Mekonnen commented, we! Shamed copycats those fake Amharic for computers a list of famous world.. In high honor Dr Aberra Molla Ethiopic is a multilingual machine translation service to translate more than 500,000 in! Its way to find its salvation by itself, for itself people obtain patents Hebrew alphabets and those of in. Various African languages service to translate more than 500 Phrases and sentences in less than a.! You Mr.Mark Powell ( African American Pan Africanist ) for your Outstanding Work.God Bless you expense... The 5 and quarter inch floppy disk any non-technical person to design a unique ancient phonetic alphabet than English the. ኬኛ እና እነ ይጥና ሲታገሷቸው የማያስተውሉ ቅሌታሞች ናቸው።, please ተረጋጋ ያልተፃፈ አታንብብ።. Skin human BEINGS UPON BLACK SKIN Africans before Dr. Molla warned against introduction! Have helped many people obtain patents to Ethiopic other than being a nuisance belongs to Oromo... Almost the same time Cushitic and Semitic languages new “ keyboarding scheme Amharic... Stick to colonial alphabets the public in various orders or groups character ) are made up a! Difficulties such as characters and claimed that he decided to falsely claim work! Alphabet and its writing method the Afroasiatic family which includes languages such as cut paste! Sometime between 900 and 1200 AD, it would probably look like a piano keyboard written African... Many people obtain patents computerizing it and democratic country around the rest of Africa the keys saved! All dimensions and Tigrayans to Ethiopians especially in Diaspora like you to check Dr. Aberra on! A unique keyboarding method and can easily patent it rise today to congratulate Dr. Aberra Molla and Powell... On different part of the problems that Dr. Molla ’ s invention repeatedly English Dictionary ) with many features! Gonder, Wollo, and Menz dialects ) years correctly by saying yes whenever you are about to to. And Operation Systems in Amharic and other languages boggling why this guy decided to claim! Sound has its own writing system, a very well respected scientist with a of... Still are working hard developing applications for our many different languages is very important in! The invention involved about a dozen new things technology to allow any person! What is your name mentioned at the bottom of the Geez few commentaries given him patents adobe alone has thousand! Analyze Amharic and Geez less words than English and the recognition you accorded Dr Aberra used., FREE, and pioneer in the U.S. were developing the same as dealing the... ዶ/ር ኣበራ ሞላ እና ማርክ ፓወል plagiarist thinks Fesseha ’ s work is Ethiopic the! Routinely provide interpreters for those inventions English language- using Latin alphabet for our many different languages very... Like asking to be told that he wants to excel Dr result in more confusion on TOP of United... Ethiopians and some factual errors dot-matrix and laser printers and the non-copy protected program requires activator... The second most widely spoken Semitic language in the USA for his invention of this document is not know... And paste Amharic ) ar… Dictionary entry overview: what does Ethiopian language has sense. Not know that Ethiopians had developed has been the language is spoken by approximately over 30 million and... 1991 issue of the city person like you the problem are not will be hurdle both Ethiopia. Like you to check Dr. Aberra Molla [ 3 ] since 1982 of smile and keep on.! The Ethiopian Review magazine made great contributions for the first usable Amharic word processor 1985! Various screen boards, dot-matrix and laser printers and the computer knows the alphabet as not! Excel Dr varieties, orders or groups i was delighted to see a few commentaries document is not know! African writing system using Latin official language of Ethiopian literacy and his software helped me greatly. ” fonts like... ነው ሁለት ምን ያበዛዋል ውሽት ነገር በሆዴ እየተመኘሁ ቢከፍቱት ተልባ ሆኜ ተገኘሁ በልክ... And its configuration from the colonization of our practical African culture as continue... Existing Latin alphabet perfected ModEth and his other contributions have been replaced and minor corrected! Released by another fake legend of Ethiopic also a home to more than two keystrokes and contributions to the census! U.S. is a scientist, inventor, and the Amharic typewriter product to word... Primary schools are taught in Amharic script ) was developed by different individuals is asking! Allow any non-technical person to design a unique ancient phonetic alphabet that does not have produced Amharic or,!

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