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No dogs have killed lions, just held them at bay while their human hero arrived. Sure, you may say that to your house cat, but the ancient Maya may have said that to a jaguar. They would own a tibetan mastiff. Everyone instantly expects the jaguar to either kill or at least seriously injure the little pup, but much to the surprise of every single onlooker present, the jaguar does not hurt the dog at all. The secretary bird is the most metal bird in Africa. Although the jaguar has no natural predators in nature, the young cubs are born blind and defenseless and are more vulnerable to attack in situations of scarce food for predatory animals. LOL! A Cougar/ Mountain Lion probably, but a Jaguar no. The jaguar prefers to use one of two methods: 1) killing by canines piercing through prey’s skull (only large cat to use this technique) and 2) By severing the spinal column/backbone with a powerful bite and breaking the neck. without getting a scratch.. Large anacondas have been known to kill jaguars in water. I think the dog would have a better chance if it were married. Mastiff Dogs are not capable of beating Cougars, Jaguars or Lions; what info you've provided thus far is utterly unimpressive in comparison to Big Cats/predators. @frozen: This in response to your reply to WayneWilson regarding the stories of Morocho..... Where the hell in the title does it say "Can Any single dog kill a Jaguar or Cougar"? The jaws of a Jaguar are among the strongest of the big cats: And I have provided evidence of the power of a Jaguar's jaw-bite: so again, where is the evidence that a Mastiff's jaws are strong enough to crush a turtle shell or dig into a Crocodile? Do you have trouble reading or something? Evidence please? Jaguars however HELL TO THE NAW!!! Because it was not strong enough; which is what the follow up account clearly illustrates. I'd like to know why a Dog is stronger than a 250-300lb male Jaguar. And you value them as trophies. Read my posts again. You asserted that a Mastiff was capable of performing similar feats; yet provided no evidence. Cover around neck or not. How do you stop dogs and cats from harassing you for food everytime we eat ? It latched onto the Cougar in just enough time for the owner to arrive and kill the Cougar with a knife; so you have not ''proved'' anything, other than posting context-less pictures and not bothering to read your own articles. The largest dogs in the world, mastiffs can tip the scales at over 200 pounds—and these canines have bites to match, wielding a force of 500 pounds per square inch. The Morocho story has been debunked; the Dog did not kill the Cougar and it did not come close to defeating it. They have one of the strongest bite-forces among the big Cats, and are capable of dragging an 800lb bull 25 feet. but it fought it throughout a zoo (the size of which is 14 hectares in size)(14 hectares = 0.5 square miles). This is the first time im looking this video. Jaguars are a whole different story however, and I don't see any dog breed standing much of a chance against one, closest would probably be a kamgal or Tibetan mastiff and even then I see them getting mauled by the larger and more powerful jaguar. The mother jaguar fiercely protects her young from attacks, and exiles the male jaguar to protect the cubs from infanticide. I think a Rhodesian Ridgeback could take a Jaguar...Considering they were supposedly bred to hunt lioms in Africa. O ne of the factors of dog's strength is the bite force.So do we know what dog breeds have the strongest bite force? Tigers can reach upwards to of 600lbs whereas Bears can reach 800lbs. And it's highly unlikely that a Dog would choose to hold onto the Cougar rather than kill if it had the chance, as it is a life-and-death situation - the more likely situation is that the Dog was simply not capable of killing the Cougar. The Cat's are larger, faster, have superior weapons, are more adapted to hunting/fighting solo etc. 1: A male Jaguar can kill crocodiles; 2: and they are capable of piercing turtle shells. Nowhere in the title does it say kill it says > "Can any single dog BEAT a Cougar or Jaguar". While deemed safe for human consumption, it can be deadly for dogs… As for psi bite statistics you try and tell an animal to bite with 100% force lol a dog breed for a purpose will always be better than a dog breed for looks or style hence these Shepard dogs look so good to me I don’t think you can compare a proper well breed working Caucasian Shepard or kangal which is lesser than the Shepard’s from all the fights I’ve seen to say a Rottweiler or German Shepard or even a pitty which is just a small dog good pitty are next to impossible to find these days cause before if the pitty was not a good fighter you would cull it but they were breed to fight other small dogs so it’s pointlesswhen people start saying a pitty would beat a kangal or shepherd it’s just ignorance it was never made for that type of contest. This is more-so because such evidence does not exist. Jesus Christ, I've explained this several times. Evidence for this assertion? 2: Notice how I said beat and not kill.... 3: Jaguars have a bite force of 1110lbf. I believe a crocodile could kill a jaguar. Jaguars? This how a Tiger Head Mastiff looks like; it gives you a better view of the actual size. LOL. They have one of the strongest bite-forces among the big Cats, and are capable of dragging an 3: 800lb bull 25 feet. Jaguars killing Crocodiles? No it hasn't - in what way is a Dog holding onto the Cougar for its dear life for a short period of time until help arrives to kill it considered to be ''beating'' the Cougar? I’ve personally seen a German Shepard single handedly kill a healthy 600lb steer. So have Tiger Sharks....What's your point? So, what happened, jaguars were not seen as semi-deities now anymore. 615 3. Again, a Dog clinging onto a Cougar mid-air for dear life until its owner arrives to save it isn't a win. So again, you're not providing convincing evidence for how a Dog can beat a Cougar. The owner killed the Cougar, not the Dog. And that dog wasn't even that large. If I had you pinned on the ground with my hands wrapped around your neck how in the hell can you think you won that fight? Good. Costas's biggest grievance over fake Twitter account, Florida scientist: Government is retaliating against me, British study offers new insights on coronavirus in schools, Phelps to Olympians: 'Do what you can control', Olivia Jade's candid talk fails to convince some women, Washington Post sees growing danger from Trump's lies, Coach's backflip issue with Hill isn't what you think, Twitter erupts over Mathew Morrison’s ‘sexual’ Grinch, SpaceX Starship test flight ends in fiery explosion, Lawyers' group wants sanctions for Trump attorneys. This does not include the scavenging of corpses, a single attack born of opportunity or desperate hunger, or the incidental eating of a human that the animal has killed in self-defense. Where the hell in the title does it say "Can Any single dog kill a Jaguar or Cougar"? Cite me the facts. Post Sep 15, 2013 #2 2013-09-15T12:20. If you read the earlier pages of the thread, this nonsense was debunked nearly 2 years ago. Because Jaguars have been documented to eat them for food. Ha! I would wager that a Gray Wolf would decisively slaughter a Tibetan Mastiff too. A Mongoose and Black Mamba Fight to Death A mongoose is lightning fast and has razor-sharp teeth. Sure, any big dog "could", but for a majority? In water, a crocodile could win easily. If you attacked me, grabbed me from mid-air and held me for a short while until someone else arrived to finish me off because you were incapable of doing so, then you would not have won - you would have merely been stalling because you are incapable of actually incapacitating me. As a flock guardian dog in Tibet and in the West, it is capable of regularly defeating predators of livestock such as wolves and leopards, and sometimes prevailing against the largest mammalian carnivores, including tigers and brown bears, although it uses all the usual livestock guardian tactics (e.g., barking, scent-marking perimeters) to warn wild beasts away and avoid direct confrontations. No Dog would be capable of doing that;considering the Dog story you posted shows that a Dog's bite was not even capable of killing a Crocodile, what chance would it stand in killing a Crocodile? That alone makes him and his dogs tough! There are dogs who could probably kill a mountain lion some of the time. The first hyperlink you posted is a response to this, which states that the dog simply held onto the Cougar's neck until the owner arrived with a knife to kill the Cougar. Jaguars killing Crocodiles? The owner saved the Dog. It is truly a well-deserved name for this big cat species as jaguars can tackle large animals like tapir, and even huge predators like caiman. They were seen as vermin, seen as pests. That's because you're a human; we are capable of punching, kicking and using submission holds due to our intellect/oposable thumbs. Eh, the right dog on the right day in the right circumstance could beat a puma. You seriously think a Jaguar would kill a fully grown Crocodile in its natural habitat? Lv 7. 4: Besides a Kurdish Kangal, Tibetan Mastiff etc.. 6: Of course it would pal, keep believing that. They have chased off bears so I don't think it's too far fetched to imagine the dog doing the same to a lion or a jaguar, maybe even a tiger. I have sold several for cougar control...They are originally leopard hunters. There was even a story of a German Sheppard fighting a Jaguar (it obviously didn't win due to its small size, but it also didn't die. Jaguar's prey on turtles and we have clear evidence of Jaguar's being capable of piercing the shell. No, but since they breakdown so often I think a dog could catch one when it drives by. Nowhere. Male saltwater crocodiles can grow up to like 20 feet, weighing a ton. Do you want to show you a video of 1 Dog killing 2 Wolves by itself? a Jaguar would kill any Dog drag it up a tree and eat it. Had the owner not arrived, the Cougar would have had more than enough time to kill the Dog. Jaguars go into crocodiles habitats and kill them in one second. Not sure if anyone has seen this: prathap. Yes. Best bet of winning/surviving these encounters: Irish Wolfhound. No. 2: Where in my post did I say I have proof of Dogs killing Leopards and Cougars? The tiger can grow up to 13 feet not 6 feet and can weigh up to 650 pounds not 210 kilograms. 3: I would wager that a Gray Wolf would decisively slaughter a Tibetan Mastiff too. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is often used to sweeten candy, chewing gum, toothpaste and baked goods.. They are much, much stronger than any Dog; a swipe of a Jaguar's paw could crush the skull of a Tibetan Mastiff. Image Credits: Shutterstock. You have no idea what constitutes 'beating' do you? 1. Yes, and it can be measured scientifically. http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2011/08/14/interesting-creatures%E2%80%A6-the-jaguar/. Sources for these stats? The account of what happened is not a win whatsoever. A jaguar that escaped from its cage at a Belize animal rescue centre during Hurricane Richard has been blamed in the mauling death of a U.S. citizen whose body was found yesterday. How do you think about the answers? I've already shown you a story of a Dog beating a Cougar and now I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. The Jaguar has one mighty name, which means 'he who kills with one leap' in the local dialect. Now stop with your half arsed deflections. The jaguar will kill the tiger in about 10 minutes. Do you know how large Tigers and Bears are? Child Please. You still haven't provided evidence to as why these Dog breeds can even pose a threat to a Jaguar; which is much larger on average, has demonstrated a higher bite force and has sharper claws/longer fangs. It just held onto the Cougar to slow it down; and the owner was probably in a rush to get outside and kill it. 1 decade ago. It had it pinned to the ground with its Jaws wrapped around the cougars neck. the breed I raise can kill a jaguar. They kill snakes like cobras, mambas, and this puff adder by stomping on them with sharp claws. I'm carnivorous/omnivorous do i have to kill every person I've ever been in a fight against to class it as a win? Ana Lacasa Dogs, Egg, Endangered, Hunting Dogs, Jaguar, Kill, Panama, Thugs This is the moment thugs egg on a pack of hunting dogs to attack and slowly kill a bloodied endangered jaguar. I already proved that a Dog could beat a Cougar and now I've just proved that Dogs can beat Leopards and now I'm working on proving Dogs can beat Jaguars.. EDIT: Morocho had the cougar pinned to the ground with its Jaws around the Cougars neck, But the Dog (Morocho) is not trained to kill, it is trained to hunt and hold the prey until its master finishes the job just like all hunting dogs that are used for large prey. 4: They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. ow I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. Furthermore, it's not specified what type of Wolf that was or whether it was male or female; the Wolf in that video was trying to kill several sheep which suggests it was probably starving (it was also on it's own). Go outside, weirdos... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iVej2NmLfdg. Chetco. These aren't peer-reviewed at all. ( Ps: This is late but.. stop insulting eachother over a debate on animal fights. Here's a small Jag easily taking down an Alabai, which are larger than Tibetan Mastiffs: Yes I am. Child Please. A fully grown healthy jaguar and puma would destroy any dog hands down. If the Dog was capable of winning, it would not have needed to wait for the owner to kill it with a knife; it's jaws should have been enough, but evidently, they were not. If you get one of the bigger gamer Caucasian Shepard’s I would back it as I’ve seen hundreds of fights usually pit bull mixes not great dogs and always a lot smaller against huge kangals or Shepard’s the bigger dogs win nearly every time the Shepard fights extremely smart doesn’t rush in stupid like the pit nearly always does if the pit is fighting another small pit it’s fine but these Shepard’s can workout a situation and adjust plus they are freaking massive you watch them fight they use advantages they have so well they swipe with there paws and use there paws to hold dogs down with there weight and many times they take a rest and turn there bodies other dogs are unable to get a hold of them when they do they are only biting loose skin of fur. Large anacondas as well as large caimans are known to occasionally kill and eat a jaguar. It's illegal to hunt or kill jaguars, which are an endangered species, and a jaguar may not have been what Yo'oko's killer was after. Again, a carnivorous predator fighting another would most likely need a kill to constitute 'beating' another animal; merely holding onto one for a few seconds until help arrives is not considered a win. If the Dog was capable of winning, why did it fail to kill the Cougar? Relevance. The followup account details that the Dog was holding on for its life; so if you actually read the followup account, you will see what really happened was that the Dog was not capable of putting the Cougar down. Depends. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Black caimans are recorded to kill jaguars in water as well.They are an apex animal which means that no other animal can kill them. Kangal Or Boreboels are monster dogs, specifically boreboel because they are so bloody heavy and thick, Boreboel weight from 70 to 90 kilos, and are very aggressive and brave, and Kangals are freaks, seen videos of them dominating and killing pit bulls with ease. So as it stands, a Jaguar's bite is much more powerful than a Mastiff's. Male Jaguars are even bigger, weighing anywhere from 190-230 and can get as big as 300. I will repeat this for the final time and hope you comprehend it, I certainly have tried: For a non-human predator to beat another; in the real world, killing is essential. Jaguars are capable of killing Crocodiles, http://www.arkive.org/jaguar/panthera-onca/video-08f.html. No. Is the Vine glitching up again? theres a video of a cougar ripping a dogo argentinos face off, i'll send it if you want. Gray Wolves have been documented to kill even the largest/most ferocious of Dogs: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/wildlifehabitat/wolf/dogdeps.html. This is NOT a comic-battle where a KO is a realistic option of beating someone. I've had to read it for you and WayneWilson. It basically got it by the neck as was drug around until the steer planted its … Try again please. They have one of the strongest bite-forces among the big Cats, and are capable of dragging an 3: 800lb bull 25 feet. I want clear-cut evidence, I don't expect I'll get it though after reading your posts. Completely plausible in my opinion. Other shots can be less flattering (see below). We can fight for knockouts - simply not an option in the animal kingdom. Between animals, a win - especially between carnivorous predators is about killing. Here is a video of it occurring - http://www.arkive.org/jaguar/panthera-onca/video-08f.html. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Weight = Strength? 2: Tiger sharks have trouble piercing turtle shells so how the hell are Jaguars going to pierce it? I think a dog that could take on a lion and win could take a jaguar. These dog friendly Jaguar Gear Accessories have been carefully designed with your pet in mind. How do you secretly and privately feel when you see a dog that still has testicles, and therefore, it has not been neutered? I have no idea whether my response to post #512 is showing up because I cannot see it on this page, yet it is viewable on my profile forums page and was marked as best answer. They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. For your sake, I hope you're a troll, because I refuse to believe the debating standards on this website have become this terrible. You tried to argue that a Mastiff's bite was comparable to a Jaguar's. 1. Highly trained in the tracking, confronting, & killing of wolves. The point is that a Jaguar had a bite-force strong enough to kill a Caiman; which have very thick skin. 1: How exactly was it debunked and how did Morocho lose to the cougar? Leopards kill using a suffocating bite. Once I challenged this and cited the fact that a Jaguar can pierce turtle shells; you backed off, so again, you are being disingenuous. Leopard seals have attacked researchers and even the swimmers in past. And you are not reading your own links either. Male cougars are anywhere between 160-200 and can get as big as 220. Ferocious Pack of Dogs Attack the Jaguar till Death - YouTube Assuming that we're are talking about a large, fully grown male Cougar or Jaguar vs their canine equivalent, then no single dog would win. So a Sumo wrestler is stronger than a weightlifter or a boxer? It says "Can Any single dog beat a Cougar or Jaguar" I've shown you evidence of a Dog beating a cougar. While the dog was crushing the Cougar's windpipe (Life threatening injury), and the dog held the cougar there for well over a minute. Ha! and besides i'm fairly certain the big fluffy mane surrounding the Mastiff's skull and neck would greatly reduce the force of the blow. but it fight it throughout a zoo (the size of which is 14 hectares in size)(14 hectares = 0.5 square miles), 3: And i would happily take your money, due to the fact that Tibetan Mastiff's are bred to fight off wolves, leopards, bears, tigers. A Tibetan Mastiff is in the 700lbf, Kangals have a bite force of roughly 800lbf, So how exactly is that not enough to pierce Caiman skin? They are quite quick so … Cougars weigh more, are far more agile, are better hunters, have better bone structure, and have more experience. Makes you look like you’re 7. @dernman: Dude, look at your profile picture :P, Which makes the joke that much better. TFS lack of grappling ability is a big disadvantage for dogs. And the only way to get rid of them was to kill them. The Dog did not kill the Cougar at all. Therefore, a dog can stand a chance against a cougar. 5: They are much, much stronger than any Dog; 7a swipe of a Jaguar's paw could crush the skull of a Tibetan Mastiff. Sasha, his dogs, and a few jaguar skins. You are making yourself look even more ridiculous by claiming that they are capable of ''fighting off'' Bears. 4: They would easily have the strength to not only kill the Dog, but drag it up a tree. No dog is beating a large jaguar though, completely different weight class. LOL, you have gone from saying that Tibetan Mastiffs can fight off Leopards and Jaguars to now saying they can fight off Tigers and Bears. Because this post isn't about killing, it's about beating Cougars and Jaguars. Probably not. Your first few posts begin by posting context-less pictures and asserting that as credible. :This post now should be post #513. http://www.comicvine.com/profile/frozen/forums/. The other links you cite are from sources such as ''Canine Planet'' and the other source links to a dramatized reenactment, which of course, does not provide the context of the first link. why does my puppy cry when i put him in his crate at night? Apart from the Caucasian Shepard which is the biggest and strongest the dogo seems to be the dog that would stand a decent chance against a cat but again dogo is a holding dog and in a serious fight against a deadly cat your want a dog that been breed to access the situation and adjust accordingly I just wish I could see in person some of these well breed Shepard’s but the dogo to me seems more like the other domesticated dogs bigger and better for holding where the Shepard just seems more like it’s retained some part of that old wild DNA. This is utterly irrelevant to my point of Jaguars being able to pierce Turtle shells. OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO POWERFUL!....Do you want me to show you a video of 1 Dog killing 2 Wolves by itself? 10 Answers. Post Sep 15, 2013 #1 2013-09-15T06:02. There are multiple accounts of dogs fending off cougar. Human threats from hunters that kill jaguars for their unique fur and ranchers that kill them to protect their livestock are existing issues for the depleting jaguar … The incident was filmed in the eastern Panamanian province of Darien and the … No. @frozen: If you're going to quote someone at least quote the entire message... Stop fetishizing animals for your own amusement. There are some dog breeds that big, but they are always slow as fuck with very little stamina and relatively small claws amd canines compared to their size. Jaguars are capable of killing Crocodiles whereas Cougars are capable of killing Wolves. (which has much thicker skin). And for situations that require extra protection for your car, the rigid liner tray holds anything that is spilled within it in place. Jaguar vs. I've already shown you a story of a Dog beating a Cougar. without getting a scratch.. Nowhere. They can kill and paralyze prey instantly. If a Dog is to 'beat' a Cougar or a Jaguar, it should be capable of killing it. Atleast you are no longer arguing that a Mastiff can beat a Lion.... 1: So you aren't disputing the fact that the Dog won? Man-eater is a colloquial term for an individual animal that preys on humans as a pattern of hunting behavior. 2: Where in my post did I say I have proof of Dogs killing Leopards and Cougars? pckts. Funny how that works. some of the time, the only reported videos of big dogs killing a cougar is when 2 dogo argentinos beat a DECLAWED injured cougar. http://www.russiandog.net/does-the-kangal-dog-have-the-strongest-bite-force.html, https://www.quora.com/Which-dog-has-the-highest-bite-force-in-the-world, http://forums.sherdog.com/threads/the-top-20-worlds-strongest-animal-bite-forces-measured-in-psi-new.2393047/, http://www.betterthansafe.com/dog-breeds-with-the-most-powerful-bites/, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2314541/Turtle-shell-withstands-15-minute-attack-alligator-fails-crack-shell.html. . A jaguar can kill a tiger. Meanwhile, the rancher finds remains of three of his prized calves… gets with the guy in the next valley with hunting dogs… they ride out, find a jaguar… and kill it. And German Sheppard's would not stand a chance against...any Big Cat, hell, there is a video posted a few posts up of a Jaguar flat out stomping and killing a larger Dog. Jaguars have some of the most powerful bites of any big cat. Dude, nobody takes you serious, you're a complete clown. @waynewilsonslade: That's not standing a chance. If anything is half-arsed, it's your posts; which are among the most pathetic attempts I've seen at attempting to seriously debate. EDIT: Silly me, it was transferred to page 1. In regards to the Wolf video, the clip at 2:53 and 4:36 is just a repeat of one another; which is incredibly deceptive. So, stay careful while having a swim with them. You are seriously fan-wanking if you think they can fight off Tigers and Bears, yet again, you are making more ridiculous claims without any evidence. The jaguar had no idea what this animal was other than a big chunk of meat that stood there as the jaguar swatted it and knocked it down. the breed I raise can kill a jaguar. 1: Yes they are (the dog i posted beating a cougar isn't even a mastiff, it was a Dogo Argentino, a dog that is a helluva lot smaller than Tibetan Mastiff. Again, you are making extraordinary claims and still providing no evidence. Also Checkout: 22 Bizarre Pictures That Look Twice to Understand. no are you kidding besides having sharper teeth they also have claws and can run faster jump higher a dog doesnt have a chance. 2 wolves? This dog has the best overall mixture of size, strength, bite force, agility, and is adapted to hunting and killing of land predators of almost any size, even some bears, though not typically 1 on 1 vs bears. 1: Of course it can, show me a video of a Jaguar killing a fully grown Crocodile (Which is not a caiman by the way).... in it's natural habitat (That's the water). They are ruthless, heard they even kill wolves. Turkish Kangals unlike the big cats are bred to be fearless so what do you think could the dog kill a big cat? They can kill and paralyze prey instantly. On land, a jaguar could win easily. Even large lone gray wolves don't stand a chance against a cougar (let alone a jaguar). I did not say that Morocho ''lost'' - I said that the Dog clamped onto the Cougar while the cat was in mid-air and merely held it in place for as long as it could until the owner arrived. A dog would get ripped to shreds with ease. And as Erik had pointed out in his earlier posts, the pictures that are being posted are deceptive. You've not provided a single shred of evidence. Give me some evidence to show that a Dog's bite-force can come anywhere near that of a Jaguar. And Dogs killing Leopards? Stop telling me that there are ''stories'' of such extraordinary events occurring; it's incredibly vague and lazy. And the comparison you've given doesn't hold up; it'd be akin to you holding me down with all you strength for a few seconds until someone else arrives to help you. They are of Lion Head Mastiffs, which make the Mastiffs appear to be much larger than they actually are. The leopard seal might look cute from the outside and you don’t expect them to harm you but watch out they can kill you too. A black mamba can kill 15 grown men with just one bite. You're not even reading the own ''evidence'' that you're clinging on to. I'm proving that a Tibetan Mastiff can beat a Jaguar. Just type on google man Kangals vs Pit bulls. You're linking to canine websites and MMA forums. I know some guy who has a dog that he said can kill jaguars...I believe he is full of sh!t..what do you think ?? 3: For your sake I hope your post is your attempt to cling to pride and nothing more. There's nothing to suggest it was even capable of killing the Cougar or even signifcantly harming it. Jaguar Kills Dog Jaguar Kills Dog. They have an extremely compact body and possess the largest skull to body mass ratio of any cat. Hell, the Quora link you stated flat out says: ''There isn't much established research on this''. Because this post isn't about killing, it's about beating Cougars and Jaguars. When the video begins, viewers gasp and hold their breath when the large jaguar jumps on the little dog. Look up Jaguar vs Dog on youtube for proof. You seriously think a Jaguar would kill a fully grown Crocodile in its natural habitat? There ain't no way in hell a Jaguar is breaking a turtles shell. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. @waynewilsonslade: I have read them earlier. i think hes full of himself and just likes to hear himself brag. I would like to see some evidence of a Dog killing a healthy Grey Wolf, but I know I won't....because it doesn't exist. So no, you still haven't really provided evidence that a Dog can ''stand a chance'' against a Cougar. That's a big difference from someone pinning someone down and having full power; which is not what the Dog did, it was not capable of actually putting the Cougar down, it needed the owner's knife because it's bite was not strong enough. I'd like to see some peer reviewed journals and not misinformation. Will dogs continue eating if given unlimited food? Pit Bull - the jaguar would win. there is the dogo but they were made to take on boars, but ya never know, i guess if the jaguar was sick or had already been wounded or something then ya i could see it happening, but one swipe with that sharp as knives paw and nails the dog would have been history. It needed the owner to arrive, because it's bite was not strong enough to seriously inflict any real damage on the Cougar. 4,574 9. It says "Can Any single dog beat a Cougar or Jaguar" I've shown you evidence of a Dog beating a cougar. I have had some pitbulls previously there are no good Shepard’s in my country to purchase I live on a farm and looked into what’s around. Some dogs were originally bred and kept to keep wolves, lions, or bears away from livestock.

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